Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
   If both birth times are correct, this celebrity couple has
the exact same Ascendant.  A conjunction so close    it’s
only a 21 seconds difference.    It’s a rare aspect,
Ascendant conjunct Ascendant and to be so exact does
make me suspicious of these birth times.    Sharing the
same ascendant is a powerful connection and gives great
compatibility because you tend to see the world the same
way.   To be this exact is rare.  The closest celebrity
couple to compare is Joanne Woodward and Paul
Newman with a 12 degree difference.  

Kristen’s Neptune is conjunct Robert’s 7th house cusp.  
This is also a very strong indicator of a romantic
relationship.   Kristen also has this aspect natally, by
herself, so Robert adds to it.  

Uranus is a strong planet in this celebrity couples
relationship.  Uranus is a planet of the unexpected, the
surprise, brilliance, invention, technology and can be very
exciting in relationships.   

Kristen has, in her own chart, Uranus conjunct the part of
fortune – she shines in the unusual.   Robert’s Moon (his
emotions and feelings) are in oppositions to this.   This
aspect gives attraction but also tension; they may not be
very sure of each other.    Kristen’s Uranus is also
conjunct his Juno – and this is also great sexual attraction.

Robert also has a prominent Uranus in his chart.  It’s
opposite his Venus.  This is a classic heart throb aspect;
Venus and Uranus together give beauty and magnetism.  
However, Uranus is not the most stable energy or great
for commitments.   Kristen trines his opposition with both
her Moon and Mars giving more depth of feeling and
attraction.    They have even more attraction with his Sun
opposite her Juno and her Venus opposite his Part of
Fortune.  Both are powerful indicators of attraction and

This celebrity couple also has it great with
communication.  They have Mercury conjunct Mercury –
also a fairly rare aspect.   This means not only do they
see the world alike, they think alike.  

Saturn is the best planet to indicate commitment.  This
couple has a very nice indicator with Kristen’s Saturn in
trine to Robert’s Sun.   Sun and Saturn in ease together
gives stability and maturity in relationships.  

This couple’s compatibility is so good; it’s like a fairy
tale.   They do remind me strongly of
Paul Newman and
Joanne Woodward and that’s a wonderful sign for a long
and happy relationship for this couple.      
Kristen Stewart Astrological Profile
She was born during a full moon
Robert Pattinson Astrological Profile
He is a Taurus with his Moon in Cancer
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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson's Astrological Compatibility
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Compatibility Chart - Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
Individual Horoscope
Astro Glyph & Symbol
Kristen Stewart
Sun Sign:  Aries
Moon Sign:  Libra
Sun/Moon: Aries/Libra
Ascendant Sign: Cancer
Robert Pattinson
Sun Sign:  Taurus
Moon Sign:  Cancer
Sun/Moon: Taurus/Cancer
Ascendant Sign: Cancer
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson compatibility chart
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This article written: 2012
Couple Update:  split May 2013
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