Tom Cruise
July 3, 1962
Syracuse, New York
3:06 pm
Sun Sign: Cancer
Moon Sign: Leo
Penelope Cruz
April 28 1974
Madrid Spain
birth time: unknown
Sun Sign: Taurus
Moon Sign: Cancer or Leo
Penelope's Moon could be either Cancer or Leo, but I am
guessing Cancer.  Often two people click together when
they share a common sign through Sun and Moon.   Tom
and Penelope have few nice aspect together.  
Their two most significant aspects are both bad;
Penelope's Sun square both Tom's Saturn and his Moon.  
Tom's aspect of Moon opposite Saturn (loosely) is a hard
aspect to deal with; to have it in close aspect to another
person's Sun or identity would be especially hard.  This
Cancer and Taurus couple only had enough aspects to
indicate an affair, not a lasting relationship.
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Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise
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cancer and taurus love match
cancer and taurus love match
This article written: 2005
Couple Update:  split January 2004