Brad Pitt's Astrological Type
Brad Pitt has been involved with several famous women;
Juliette Lewis , Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and
Angelina Jolie.   As I have done his compatibility
scores with these women, I've noticed that Brad has a definite
astrological type in women.  I don't know if Brad is involved
with Angelina (as of June 3, 2005) but she definitely fits in his
astrological dating "pattern".  So lets take a look at what
(astrologically speaking) Brad Pitt is attracted to.
Note: When I say all women, I am referring to Juliette, Gwyneth,
Jennifer AND Angelina, unless noted otherwise.
All of the famous women Brad has dated have been Air Sun
signs (even Geena Davis, who he briefly dated was an
Aquarius).  Juliette and Angelina are Gemini's, Jennifer is an
Aquarius and Gwyneth is a Libra.   The women have also all
had mutable Moon signs, except Angelina has an Aries
Moon.   All have been predominately fire and air and none
have had more than 2 planets in an earth sign.  Brad is
strongly fire and earth.  His fire has agreed with both the
women's air and fire, but his earth has been missing a
connection.  Brad's earth is important as his Moon and Venus
are conjunct in Capricorn, making this an especially sensitive
and emotional point that his women have not connected with.

Brad's women also have some very specific compatibility
aspects that they share.  Gwyneth, Juliette and Angelina all
form a square to Brads Moon with Uranus.  While Uranus
does moves slowly and all four Women were born within a
few years of one another (1969 to 1975), this is definitely
another one of Brad's pattern in what type of astrological
woman he looks for.

Another very specific aspect pattern Brad has in astrological
type is negative Saturn aspects, especially those to his Moon
and Venus, or his Sun.  Jennifer Aniston's Saturn is square
Brad's Moon and Venus.  Angelina Jolie's Saturn is opposite
his Moon and Venus.  Juliette Lewis's Saturn is opposite his
Sun.  Gwyneth Paltrow's Saturn is opposite his Sun also and
Brad's Saturn was opposite her Venus.  That is quite a
As of June 3, 2005,  Brad is in the divorcing process with
Jennifer Aniston.  He might also be dating Angelina Jolie.  So,
of the four women Brad has been involved with, who was
best for him? Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitts Compatibility
score was by far the best of the bunch.  Click on the links
below to see Brad's score with his other flames.  
So, What Other Celebrities Fit Brad Pitts Astrological Type?
Heather Locklear - She  is a Libra (Air) with Moon in Aries
(Fire).  Her Saturn is conjunct his Moon and Venus and Her
Moon is square his Venus

Naomi Watts - Sun in Libra with a likely Sagittarius Moon
(mutable).  Her Saturn is square his Venus and Moon
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Compatibility

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Compatibility

Juliette Lewis and Brad Pitt Compatibility

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt Compatibility
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Brad's Astrological Women
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