Johnny Depp's Astrological Type
Johnny's Astrological Women
Johnny Depp has been involved with several famous women;
Ryder, Kate Moss, Jennifer Gray and Vanessa
Paradis.  As I have done his compatibility with these women,
I've noticed that Johnny has a definite astrological type.  So
let's take a look at the type of woman (astrologically
speaking) Johnny Depp is attracted to.
With the exception of Winona, all of the women Johnny has
dated have had Cardinal Sun signs.  Both Vanessa Paradis
and Kate Moss are Capricorns and Jennifer Gray is an
Aries.   The women also have Water sign Moons.  Winona
with hers in Pisces, Kate with a Scorpio Moon and Vanessa
with Cancer.  Jennifer Gray birth time is unknown but we can
narrow it down to Pisces or Aries.  A Pisces Moon for
Jennifer would fit with Johnny's pattern.

Johnny's astrological type is harder to pin down than some
of the others (
Brad Pitt or Matthew McConaughey).  I haven't
noticed that he makes specific and repeating aspects with
the women he has dated.  However, the women Sun or
Moon (usually Moon) tends to fall in Johnny's water houses
(4th, 8th or 12th).   Jennifer's Sun and Moon falls in his 8th
house, Kate's Moon in his 4th house, Vanessa's Moon in the
12th and Winona's Sun in the 4th.  This isn't too unusual
considering that a water Moon woman is part of his
astrological type.  

So what other celebrities fits Johnny's astrological
pattern in women?

Shannon Doherty - Sun in Aries (cardinal) and Moon in
Scorpio (water) and her Moon falls in his 4th house.  (She is
Matthew McConaughey's Type too!)

Amanda Peet. Sun in Capricorn (cardinal) and Moon in
Scorpio and her Moon falls in his 4th house.
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