Julia Roberts Astrological Type
Julia's Astrological Men
Julia Roberts has been involved with several famous men;  
Kieffer Sutherland, Benjamin Bratt, Daniel Day Lewis,
Matthew Perry, Dylan McDermott, Jason Patric and Lyle
Lovett (no I don't have her husband Danny's birth info).  As I
have done her compatibility scores with these men, I've
noticed that Julia has a definite astrological type in Men.  So
lets take a look at what (astrologically speaking) Julia Roberts
is attracted to.
Julia enjoys mutable or fixed sun sign men.   Kiefer Sutherland
and Benjamin Bratt have Sagittarius Suns, and Jason Patric is
a sun sign Gemini - all mutable signs.  Lyle Lovett and Dylan
McDermott are both Scorpios and
Daniel Day Lewis is a
Taurus and Matthew Perry is a Leo.  

Because many of these men's birth times are unknown the
Moon sign Julia is attracted to is almost impossible to
determine.  I did notice that 3 might have double Sun and
Moon.  Jason is a double Gemini and Daniel might be a
double Taurus and Benjamin might be a double Sagittarius.

Very prominent in Julia's attractions is dominant Venus
aspects.  She likes her Venus to be aspected by their Venus,
Mars or Saturn.  Such prominence of Venus aspects suggest
that Julia enjoys her love affairs.  Saturn aspects are also
strong in her compatibility.  Usually her Saturn is in harsh
aspect to their Venus or Ascendant, or their Venus is in harsh
aspect to her Saturn.

Julia also likes to form t-squares with the men she dates
(perhaps the added energy and excitement?).   Most often it
involves her earth Saturn and Mars or her dreamy Neptune
and Moon.  
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