Matthew McConaughey's
Astrological Type
Matthew's Astrological Women
Matthew Mconaughey has been involved with several famous
Ashley Judd, Patricia Arquette, Sandra Bullock and
most recently
Penelope Cruz.  As I have done his
compatibility scores with these women, I've noticed that
Matthew has a definite astrological type in women.  So lets
take a look at what (astrologically speaking) Matthew
McConaughey is attracted to.
All of the famous women Matthew has dated have been Fire
Sun signs, with the exception of Penelope Cruz.   Both
Ashley Judd and Patricia Arquette are Aries and Sandra
Bullock is Leo.    The women have also all had fixed Moon
signs; Ashley and Sandra with Aquarius Moons and Patricia
with a Leo Moon.  Penleope's birth time is unknown - we
know her Moon is between 18 Cancer and 2 Leo.  I suspect it
is Leo (which fits with the pattern).   In general, the women
have been predominantly fixed.  Ashley and Patricia having
fixed Moon and Ascendant, Sandra with both Sun and Moon
fixed, and Penelope with her fixed Taurus Sun and possible
Leo Moon (fixed).

There is also some recurring aspects with these women.  
Matthews Saturn tends to be in hard aspect to their Suns;
Conjunct with Ashley and Penleope and square with Sandra.  
Also very prominent is the number of Venus aspects,
especially his Venus in aspect to their Sun, Moon, Ascendant
or Mars.  All these types of Venus aspects are great in
compatibility, but such a predominance of Venus also
suggest love affairs.

So what other celebrities fits Matthew's astrological
pattern in women?

Victoria Beckham -  She is an Aries with Aquarius Moon
(Ashley Judd shares this).  Her Sun makes a hard aspect to
his Saturn and his Venus makes the right. aspects.

Shannon Doherty - Sun in Aries with a Scorpio Moon and
she also has several of those Venus aspects that Matthew
likes.  (She is also Johnny Depp's Type too!)

Halle Berry - She's a double Leo (Sun and Moon) and again,
she makes those Venuse aspects Matthew is so fond of.
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