Taylor Swift Astrological Profile
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Despite her Sagittarius Sun, Taylor Swift is mostly water
and earth; only her Sun is fire.  She has very little Air with
only Venus and the asteroid Vesta.  Yet, she loves her Air
and Fire men.

Taylor has dated
Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, John Mayer,
Taylor Lautner, Conor Kennedy, Harry Styles and a few
All of these guys have Fire and Air Moons with the
exception of Taylor Lautner who has a Taurus (earth) Moon
and Harry Styles who is purely Air.   Both Joe Jonas and
Conor Kennedy are Sun sign Leo's with Aquarius Moons.   
Harry Styles and Taylor Lautner are both Aquarius Sun
signs, Jake Gyllenhall is a Sagittarius and John is a Libra
with a Sagittarius Sun.

One interesting note is that both John and Joe both have
Venus at 29 Virgo.  This is opposite Taylor Swifts Pallas,
the asteroid I've nicknamed the break-up planet.  
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Why is Taylor Swift the Heart Break Kid?
[as The Rolling Stones has dubbed her]

Besides her music, Taylor Swift is becoming famous for her
unhappy love life and venting her frustrations in her lyrics.  In
general Sun sign Sagittarius are the sign least likely to marry
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So who else fits Taylor Swifts Astrological Type?
Who will Taylor date next?

Deryck Whitbley (of Sum41)
He's a Aries Sun, Gemini Moon

Sebastan Stan
Leo Sun and a Gemini Moon

Josh Hutcherson
Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries (possibly)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
His Sun is in Aquarius and his Moon in Leo

Justin Timberlake
Aquarius Sun and Sagittarius Moon (but taken by Jessica Biel)

Shia Labeouf
He has a Gemini Sun and Leo Moon

Joshua Jackson
He's a Gemini Sun and Leo Moon

Bruno Mars
This singer is a Sun Libra and Moon Leo guy