Tom Cruise's Astrological Type
Tom's Astrological Women
Tom Cruise has been involved with several famous women;
Mimi Rogers,
Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz and Katie
Holmes.  As I have done his compatibility scores with these
women, I've noticed that Tom has a definite astrological type in
women.  So lets take a look at what (astrologically speaking)
Tom Cruise is attracted to.
Tom seems to be attracted to mutable or fixed Sun signs.  
Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes are both mutable (Gemini and
Sagittarius) and Mimi Rogers and Penelope Cruz (Aquarius
and Taurus) are fixed sign.   A very strong pattern also exist
with what Moon signs Tom is attracted to - Fire.  Both Mimi and
Penelope's birth times are unknown.  With Mimi's chart, by
rectifying her chart throughout the day, we can be sure her
Moon is in Leo.   Penelope's Moon is somewhere between late
Cancer and Leo.  I'm almost positive she has a Leo Moon as it
fits her, Tom's type of woman and also
Matthew McConaughey
type too (Penelope is currently dating Matthew
McConaughey).   Mimi, Penelope (maybe) and Katie all have
their Moons in Leo - Nicole has her Moon in Sagittarius.

Another factor that Tom is attracted to is someone who aspects
his natal t square. His T-Square (
see his chart) is with
Neptune, North Node and Saturn.  His Moon and Venus are
out of orb.   All four of his ladies made a strong aspect to this
and usually tied in his Moon and Venus in Leo by orb too.  

So what other celebrities fits Tom's astrological pattern in

Kirsten Dunst - she has Sun in Taurus (fixed) and Moon in Leo

Renee Zellweger she has Sun in Taurus (fixed) and Moon in
Leo.  Accounting for their on screen chemistry in Jerry Maguire

Anna Kournikova - she has a Gemini Sun (mutable) and Leo

Jennifer Aniston - she has an Aquarius Sun (fixed) and
Sagittarius Moon (fire).

Paris Hilton - she has an Aquarius Sun and a Leo Moon
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