Winona Ryder's Astrological Type
Winona's Astrological Men
Winona has been involved with several famous men;  Johnny Depp,
Matt Damon, Evan Dando, Beck, David Pirner and Jimmy Fallon.  As I
have done her compatibility scores with these men, I've noticed that
Winona has a definite astrological type in Men.  So lets take a look at
what (astrologically speaking) Winona Ryder is attracted to.
Winona enjoys mutable or cardinal sun sign men.   Johnny Depp
(Gemini) Evan Dando (Pisces) and Jimmy Fallon (Virgo)  have all had
mutable Sun signs.  Matt Damon (Libra), Beck (Cancer), and David
Pirner (Aries) are all cardinal Sun signs.  Winona also likes to have a
mans Sun sit in one of her cardinal houses, the fourth, seventh or
tenth.  Both Johnny and Beck's sun are in her 7th house, David's in her
4th and Matt in her 10th.

Because many of these men's birth times are unknown the Moon sign
Winona is attracted to is tricker to pin down.  Johnny has a Capricorn
Moon as does Matt Damon.  Evan's Moon is Sagittarius or Capricorn,  
Beck's Moon is Virgo,  David Primer's Moon is Gemini or Cancer and
Jimmy Fallon has a Scorpio Moon.  From this it seems Winona likes
earth Moons.  Johnny, Matt and Beck all have earth Moons and Evan
Dando might too.   

Winona really likes strong Venus aspects in her compatibility.  In
almost all the guys (six) her Venus is aspecting their Venus, Mars or
Saturn.   She also likes to have her Venus aspected by their Moon,
Ascendant or Mars.  Such a strong emphasis on Venus aspect
suggests that Winona might like to have love affair like romances.

In her natal chart Winona has a T-square with Moon square Saturn
which is opposite Jupiter.   Four of the men add to Winona's T-square
with an aspect.  Beck might also if his Moon is between 6 and 12 Virgo.
Matt also forms a powerful t-square with Winona - her Mars square
Venus and Mercury, which is square his Venus and Saturn.

So what other celebrities fits Winona's astrological pattern in

Jon Bon Jovi - He has a Pisces Sun (mutable) with a Capricorn Moon.  
He aspects her t-square with his Sun at 12 Pisces and he has two
Venus aspects with her.
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