Britney Spears and Kevin Federline
Kevin Federline
Birthday:  March 21,1978
Fresno County, Ca
birth time: 6:56 pm (*)
Sun Sign: Aries
Moon Sign: Virgo
Britney Spears
Birthday: December 2,1981
Mahon, Mississippi
1:30 am
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Moon Sign: Aquarius
Note:  updated birth time for Kevin Federline not reflected
in this relationship study.  
This study was written April 15, 2005

Although Kevin's birth time is unknown, by rectifying his
chart throughout the day we know his Moon is between
20 Leo and 3 Virgo.  This knowledge is critical as we
know that no matter what the birth time, Kevin's Moon will
not make any significant compatibility aspects to anything
in Britney's chart.   

Very notable about this celebrity couple is their lack of
aspects.  They have only two very significant relationship
aspects; that of Britney's Venus opposite Kevin's Mars
and her Ascendant opposite his Sun.  The Venus and
Mars speaks of their attraction and Sun opposite
Ascendant is very common in couples, although it can be
both positive and negative.

They do have one very important figuration; a T-Square
between Britney's natal Venus square Pluto and Kevins
Mars.   I tend to call this type of aspect fatal attraction.  
These two are near irresistible to each other and have
incredible energy, but its very rarely healthy.  
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(*) Source:  Tabitha D.
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Astrology of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline
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aries sagittarius love match
aries sagittarius love match
This article written: 2005
Couple Update:  Nov. 2006 Britney files for divorce.
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