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Birth Information:  June 4, 1975 in
Los Angeles, CA at 9:09 am
Sun Sign:  Gemini
Moon Sign:  Aries
Sun/Moon:  Gemini/Aries
Ascendant Sign:  Cancer
Shares birthday with: Bar Rafaeli
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Astrologer's Notes on Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie has a fascinating natal chart.  Her chart is
very strong and one of the most cardinal and angular I’ve
Her Ascendant is Cancer and her Venus (in Cancer) is
applying to the 1st house cusp (Ascendant).   It’s typical of
natives that have Venus on the Ascendant to be very
attractive to others and Angelina certainly fits this bill.   Her
long dark hair, clear skin and large lips are also indicative
of a Cancer Ascendant.  
Angelina is best known for playing some wacky roles;
usually a strong woman that is slightly crazy.  In Girl,
Interrupted she played a dark, mentally unbalanced
character.  With the Lara Croft series, Angelina plays a
strong, daring, adrenaline junkie hero.  In Taking Lives, her
character is one that thinks like a psychopathic killer to
catch them.   This tendency to play strong but crazy roles is
shown in her natal chart with her Aries stellium involving her
Mars, Moon and Jupiter.  It's an especially powerful and
strongly felt aspect pattern in her chart as the Moon is her
Ascendant ruler and Mars is the ruler of her Moon.  Jupiter,
the tail end of the stellium is also applying to the 10th house
cusp.   Planets on the angular cusps tend to be strongly
expressed in an outward manner.  Mars and Jupiter
together is an explosive combination and gives Angelina a
strong need for action.  Combined with the Moon, she takes
great enjoyment from action and this is seen in her roles
where she relishes danger and acting crazy.  
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Her Astrological Profile & Study of Her Relationship
Angelina Jolie's Natal Chart
Angelina Jolie's Famous Celebrity Relationships
Angelina Jolie as a Gemini
angelina jolie mars, moon, jupiter
angelina jolie mercury trine uranus
angeline jolie moon in aires
sun trine pluto angelina jolie
moon square saturn angelina jolie
angelina jolie sun in gemini
angelina jolie venus square uranus, venus in cancer
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Astro Glyph & Symbol
Sun in Gemini
Her Aries stellium sits in her 9th house.  The 9th house is
the house that rules our philosophies, religion, and our view
of the world.   With the Aries need for expression
(enhanced by her Moon), and for attention, it perhaps
explains some of her more extreme displays of affection
(like the vital of blood).   This aspect pattern probably also
helps explain her involvement with the United Nations and
her efforts for charity and humanitarianism (the 9th house
also rules travel and foreign countries).  Angelina’s
passionate nature in also shown with her Venus square
Uranus.  When Venus is involved with Uranus, it tends to
show a native that has unusual tastes in love or is
somehow unconventional in their relationships.  
Angelina has her Moon in a tight square to Saturn.  This is
a very negative aspect as the native tends to be extremely
critical, of self and others, prone to depression and
insecurity and can have a hard time dealing with any
emotional frustrations.  With Angelina there is lot more
going on than is seen on the surface.  
For such a smart girl (she graduated high school at 16),
Mercury is not especially strong in her chart.  It forms only a
loose trine to her Uranus (although Uranus is considered
the higher octane of Mercury).  However, it is strongly
placed in her 11th house.  The 11th house is associated
with organizations, breaking the mold and universalism, and
that Angelina’s Sun (her identity, ego) and Mercury
(intelligence, communication) sit in this house is also
indicative of her humanitarian efforts.   
She is also famous for being fascinated with death and the
obsessive side of
love.  In astrology, this speaks of Scorpio
overtones, but Angelina has no planets in either Scorpio or
the 8th house (associated with Scorpio).  However, both of
her lights (the Sun and Moon) are in aspect to Pluto, the
planetary ruler of Scorpio.  Her Sun is trine Pluto, her Moon
is opposite and Mars is also opposite Pluto.  Such a strong
Pluto speaks of her obsessions and intensity.
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