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Analyze your relationship with Brad Pitt - in mathematical terms - for presence and
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Birth Information:  December 18, 1963
in Shawnee, Oklahoma at 6:33 am
Sun Sign:  Sagittarius
Moon Sign:  Capricorn
Sun/Moon:  Sagittarius/Capricorn
Ascendant Sign: Sagittarius
Shares birthday with: Katie Holmes,
Christina Aguilera, and Steven Spielberg
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Astrologer's Notes on Brad Pitt
Bad Pitt is strongly Fire and Earth.  He has only one
planet each in Air and Water (Saturn in Aquarius and
Neptune in Scorpio).   His
Moon is in Capricorn which
tells us that he is practical, ambitious, serious and wants
to be taken seriously.  Moon in Capricorn is common
among celebrities for these reasons but perhaps also
because it is a less sensitive Moon than others and can
take criticism better.  Brad also has Mercury, Venus and
Mars in Capricorn.  Such a strong Capricorn influence,
(and earth in general) shows his architectural interests.
Fame is shown in Brat Pitt’s chart mostly through his
Jupiter.  Sagittarius (both his Sun and Ascendant) is a
generally likeable sign and it ruler, Jupiter is in tight trine
to the Ascendant.  Neptune is the planet mostly closely
associated with fame and film and Brad receives a tight
sextile with his Mercury.  He also has two strong aspects
to his Midheaven (how others see you) with a trine from
both Moon and Venus.  Combined with his Moon conjunct
Venus, others (especially women) are inclined to see him
as emotionally vulnerable and approachable.  
Brad is famous for being a sexual icon.  This is shown in
his chart in many ways.  The planet Mars is often the
most associated with sexual energy and it is very strong
in his chart.  Mars is in the 1st house and receives a
square to Jupiter, a trine to Uranus and a trine to Pluto.   
This is a very strong Mars and tied to planets of action
and attraction.  Mars is also the ruling planet of his 5th
house of
romance and speculation.  Moon conjunct
Venus trine the Midheaven helps him to portray
characters with emotional vulnerability, a tough exterior
and sex appeal.
Brad’s 7th house of relationships, significant others and
marriage, is ruled by the planet Mercury.  Mercury is in the
1st house and this suggest that there is a pull, a feeling of
opposition within himself as to needs of himself and others.  
That the 1st house is so strongly placed with planets,
especially the unaspected Sun, reinforces this.           
Brad’s love life is more closely covered in
Brad Pitt’s
Astrological Type of Woman, in which we explore how his
relationships with
Juliette Lewis, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer
Aniston and Angelina Jolie are astrologically similar.
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