Justin Timberlake Astrology
Occupation: Musician
Birthday:  January 31, 1981
Birth Place: Memphis, Tennessee
Birth time:  6:30 pm
Sun Sign:  Aquarius
Moon Sign:  Sagittarius
Sun/Moon: Aquarius/Sagittarius
Ascendant Sign:  Leo
Shares birthday with: Minnie Driver
Famous Relationships:  Britney Spears,
Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel
Relationships with Justin Timberlake
Analyze your relationship with Justin Timberlake - in mathematical terms - for presence and strength
of commitment, intimacy, passion, and synergy.
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Justin Timberlake's Astrological Type of Woman
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Justin Timberlake Astrological Profile and Study of His Relationship
Astrologer's Notes on Justin Timberlake
Justin is famous for his high energy, dance moves and sex
appeal.  A uniqueness of Justin's chart is that the majority of
his planets are all in aspect to each other - this is a high
octane chart!
Speaking of energy, Justin's chart fairly screams it.  Both his
Aquarius Sun and Sagittarius Moon rulers are in aspect.  
Mars is square Uranus which lends tremendous energy and
brilliance.  It also explains his excellent control and endurance
in his dancing.  Jupiter in trine to the Sun also gives energy.
Jupiter trine the Sun also lends Justin some of his appeal,
motivation and charm.  Justin's sex appeal, popularity and
fame is also shown with Venus trine the MC.  Venus also
aspecting Uranus with a sextile lends him tremendous sex
appeal and charm.  His Mars also sits on his 7th house cusp
which ups the sexiness and energy.
A few other important considerations in Justin's chart is his
Mercury square Uranus and Sun trine Saturn.  Mercury and
Uranus increases his appeal.  It also lends a brilliance and
ability to communicate well - helping to explain Justin's
tremendous musical success.  Sun trining Saturn adds
discipline and motivation to his personality and is easily seen
in his career and dedication to dancing.
Furthering his appeal is Justin's Moon conjunct Neptune.   
Moon in aspect to Neptune always lends a dreamy quality.  
It's especially helpful for actors as Neptune is the planet
ruling film and actors.  Combined with the emotionalism of the
moon, they have an advantage of emotional appeal to their
audiences.  This works just as well for musicians.  Justin is
affection and
romantic, especially as this aspect rests in his
5th house of romance (this is also a great indicator of his
popularity as the 5th house is entertainment.  It also indicates
that he is more emotionally dependent and vulnerable than
his Aquarius and Sagittarius Sun and Moon might normally
Justin Timberlake's Natal Chart
Justin Timberlakes natal chart
Justin Timberlake's Famous Celebrity Relationships
Justin Timberlake as an Aquarius
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