Tom Cruise Astrology
His Astrological Profile and Study of his Relationships
Famous Relationships:  Katie Holmes  
Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz
Birth Information:  July 3, 1962 in
Syracuse, NY at 3:06 pm
Sun Sign:  Cancer
Moon Sign:  Leo
Ascendant Sign:  Scorpio
Shares birthday with: none known
Tom Cruise and Katies Holmes Relationship Compatibility
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman Relationship Compatibility
Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz Relationship Compatibility
Tom Cruise Astrological Type of Woman
Tom's goes for a certain type of woman - do you fit his profile?
Relationships with Tom Cruise
Analyze your relationship with Tom Cruise - in mathematical terms - for presence and
strength of commitment, intimacy, passion, and synergy.

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Astrologer's Notes on Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise Ascendant is Scorpio, helping to explain his
strong sexually magnetic appeal.  Neptune is in Scorpio in
the 1st house and is indicative of his ability to portray
strong emotions and often his eyes overflowing with
emotions.  His ability to strongly act emotions is further
shown my his Moon in Leo being squared the Ascendant.  
Tom’s Sun and Moon are strengthened by a mutual
reception - and in effect, act as a conjunction.
Jupiter and Neptune are often strong indicators of fame.  In
Tom’s chart, his Jupiter in Pisces is square Neptune.  
Neptune is in the 1st house and Jupiter is in the 5th house
of entertainment.   This is greatly strengthen by Tom’s
Grand Trine in water involving Jupiter, Neptune and his
Sun.  His Sun sits in the 9th house.  Grand Trines are
aspect patterns that speak of ease and great talent - Tom
shows this remarkably well.
His Grand Trine and particularly is Sun and Moon in the 9th
house is also telling to his interest in Scientology.  The 9th
house is the associated with higher education, philosophies
and religion.  Having both Lights in that house (lights are
the Sun and Moon) is very dominating.  
Neptune, planet of fame and film (Neptune rules films and
movies and television in general) is again featured in a
strong aspect pattern.  This time a T-square.  T-squares
show great energy and stress.  They are often featured in
very succesful charts as once the energy is harnessed it
can provide great motivation and drive.  Tom’s T-square
involves his Saturn conjunct the 4th house cusp (Nadar)
and also conjunct the South Node.  Both are opposite his
Midhevean which is conjunct the North Node, all square
Neptune - which sits in his first house.  Very telling to his
The nodes so strongly placed on the angles is very
interesting.  The Nodes are not the most studied aspect in
astrology but I would hazard to guess that Tom feels a
great need to somehow influence world and make his
presence known.  Such an aspect indicates a great desire
to share and teach and perhaps to dominate (most
conjunctions to the Midhevean show a desire for
dominance or supremacy in some respect).  
Tom Cruise's Natal Chart
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