Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz
Justin Timberlake
Birthday:  January 31, 1981
Memphis, Tennessee
6:30 am
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Moon Sign: Sagittarius
Cameron Diaz
Birthday:  August 30, 1972
San Diego, California
2:53 pm
Sun Sign: Virgo
Moon Sign: Taurus
Virgo and Aquarius love matches are always a little strange.  
They either hate each other or are the best of friends in a
relationship.  Justin and Cameron have some very nice
compatibility between them.  Their Ascendants are trine
which is one of the best aspects to have in compatibility.         
Justin and Cameron also have a few emotionally exciting
aspects which speak of their attraction; that of Moon conjunct
Jupiter, Ascendant trine Jupiter and Moon conjunct
Ascendant.  These sort of aspects can keep a relationship
very lively but it is also indicative of stress.  

This celebrity couple also has some very negative aspects,
that of Moon square Mars and Moon square Ascendant.   In
both cases it is Cameron's Moon.  She is likely to be hyper
sensitive to Justin's energy, mood swings and wants to fit
into his life but probably has issues with that.  This couple
has a high number of aspects both good and bad, that
cancels each other out.
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This article written:  April 15, 2005
Couple Update:  split December 2006
aquarius and virgo love match
aquarius and virgo love match
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