Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes
Birthday:  December 18 1978
Toledo, Ohio
9:32 pm
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Moon Sign: Leo
Tom Cruise
Birthday:  July 3, 1962
Syracuse, New York
3:06 pm
Sun Sign: Cancer
Moon Sign: Leo
So many readers have written me to say they don't
understand the low score Tom and Katie have that I
decided to add onto my interpretations.
First, Tom has a natal water trine with Sun, Jupiter and
Neptune.  This is great as Katie's Venus in Scorpio fits
right into this pattern (another reason why I stated that
this relationship is so "smacking" of a love affair).  

Tom also has a natal fixed T-Square with Neptune,
Saturn and his North Node.  It is especially powerful as it
sits on his 4th and 10th house cusps.  I think it is the "key"
to his chart and indicate some of the lessons and
challenges he faces in his life.   (He reminds me of
Marilyn Monroe's natal Moon/Saturn/Neptune T-Square).

His Moon and Venus in Leo are out of orb but are pulled
into a powerful T-Square with Katie.  Katie's Jupiter,
Venus, Neptune and Moon fit right into the aspect pattern.
T-Squares give a lot of energy but they are very often
stressful in relationships.  I think this one is especially
important in the synastry of Tom and Katies relationship.

They also form a Grand Cross with Katies Neptune and
Saturn and Tom's Jupiter and Mercury.  The same
planets keep popping up - Venus, Saturn and Neptune.  
This repeating pattern is a definite warning signal to
serious problems in a relationship.  

There is also the elemental imbalance to consider, as
Katie is extremely fire (read -
independent).   Her Sun
(always a very important point in compatibility) is only
aspect by Tom's Uranus.   Another very interesting point
Tom and Nicole's Compatibility.   Nicole's Venus is 14
Leo...fiting right into another T-Square.  Another interest
to readers is
Tom Cruise Astrological Type of Woman.  

I don't doubt that they are very important to each other
and the relationship is significant and meaningful, but
regardless of some of their stellar influences, I don't think
the relationship will last.   I also cannot predict or even
give an estimate as to when the relationship might end.
written June 3, 2005
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Updated August 29, 2005
Tom and Katie have a lot of significant aspects together.  
They also have an amazing amount of Venus aspects;
Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all
aspect either Tom or Katie Venus.  Tom's Venus conjunct
Katie's Ascendant in Leo is one of the attractions between
this couple.  Sharing a Moon sign (Leo) also gives
something special to a relationship.  

However, Tom's Saturn is also square Katies Venus and
they have their Venuses square.  These two aspects are
very stressful in a relationship. What is most striking of
this compatibility is that  their only other real significant
aspect that does not involve Venus is Tom's Moon trine
Katie's Mercury, which is nice for communication and
understanding each other.  Such a dominance suggests
that this relationship will only be a fling as it lacks deep
and bonding aspects.
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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Compatibility Chart
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July 7, 2012
Katie Holmes is triple Fire and much too spirited and
independent for the watery Tom Cruise.   Major events in
the TomKat relationship is easily shown in Katie’s
Progressed charts.  A Progressed chart is how
astrologers move your natal chart forward to express who
you are and what’s happening today.  

Katie first met Tom some time in April of 2005, when her
Progressed Moon was conjunct her Progressed Jupiter.   
Moon and Jupiter aspects show a time when Katie is
feeling really good and optimistic and things are going her
way.   The Moon and Jupiter are also in trine to
Progressed Venus which is conjunct her natal Mercury.   
Katie was definitely going to fall in love and meet
someone at this time!

Katie’s entry into motherhood with Suri, is shown with her
Progressed Moon in conjunction to her natal Ascendant.   
She married Tom just as that aspect moved out of orb
and influence.  

Also of note is Katie’s Progressed Ceres conjunct
Progressed Vesta.   It first came into orb (or influence) of
her natal Juno when she met Tom.   Juno is about sex
and sexual relationships including marriage.   Her filing for
divorce came when that same Ceres and Vesta
Progression, came out of influence of her Juno and into
an opposition to her natal Moon.  

At the time of her filing for divorce, Katie’s Progressed
Moon is coming into opposition with her Progressed and
Natal Chiron (Chiron moves very slowly).   Chiron is both
the wound and the healing of it, and this will be a
turbulent time for her.  It will move out of orb at the end of
October 2012 and she’ll likely start feeling much better
and possibly mark the time of the official divorce.
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