Astrology of Famous Couples
Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow
Bonnie Parker
October 1, 1910
Rowena, Texas
birth time: unknown
Sun Sign: Libra
Moon Sign: Virgo
Clyde Barrow
March 24, 1909
Telico, Texas
birth time: unknown
Sun Sign: Aries
Moon Sign: Taurus
    This famous couple is a classic Aries and Libra love
match.  Although both birth times are unknown, by
rectifying their charts throughout the day, we know that
Bonnie has her Moon in Virgo and Clyde has his Moon in

One of the most striking factors about their charts is the
number of important oppositions this famous couple
makes together.  Bonnies Sun in Libra makes a tight
opposition to Clydes Sun in Aries.  They also have their
Venus in opposition and Sun opposite Saturn.

Clyde has in his natal chart  Mars conjunct Uranus.  This
is an extremely volatile connection and probably also
accounted for much of this couples attraction.  His Mars
and Uranus conjunction is involved in a T-Square with
Bonnies Uranus, Neptune and Jupiter being involved.  
They have another T-Square involving both of their
Venuses, her Mercury and both of Plutos and possibly
Bonnies Moon as well.  Clydes Mars and Uranus
conjunction being involved in any aspect pattern with
another person only intensified his own natural reactions.  
Bonnies Jupiter involvement only made the combination
more explosive and prone to violence.  Their Venus and
Pluto T-square  speaks of a powerful, irresistible, karmic
attraction - they could probably not resist each other.  
Bonnie Parker Chart
Clyde Barrow Chart
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