Astrology of Famous Couples
Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson
Loni Anderson
August 5, 1945
St. Paul, Minnesota
8:32 am
Sun Sign: Leo
Moon Sign: Cancer
Burt Reynolds
February 11, 1936
Lansing, Michigan
12:10 am
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Moon Sign: Libra
Burt and Loni have an number of Venus aspects between
them, most of them bad.  Burt's Venus is opposite both
Loni's Moon and Saturn.  Negative aspects between the
Moon and Venus are especially tough on relationships.  
Burts Saturn makes an opposition to Loni's Ascendant; it is
likely she saw Burt as being something of a role model,
father figure and probably repressing one too.  

One of their nicest aspect is Burt's Ascendant trine Loni's
Venus.  This speaks of their attraction to each other and
their initial harmony in their relationship - this is a strong
aspect of falling in love with another person.  

Burt has a T-square in his natal chart involving Mars,
Jupiter and Neptune.  Loni is connected to this with her
Uranus, making a Cross.  A cross gives a lot of energy and
attraction to relationships but it is also a sign of one that is
inharmonious and unlikely to last very long.
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leo and aquarius love match
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