Astrology of Famous Couples
Demi Moore and Bruce Willis
Demi Moore Astrology
Birthday:  November 11, 1962 in
Rosewell, New Mexico at
2:16 pm
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Moon Sign: Taurus
Bruce Willis Astrology
Birthday: March 19, 1955 in
Idar-Oberstein, Germany at
6:33 pm
Sun Sign: Pisces
Moon Sign: Aquarius
    Bruce and Demi had an amazing amount of very tight
aspects together; many of them negative.  Some of their
more positive aspects were Ascendant opposite
Ascendant.  Usually oppositions signal conflict, but in the
case of opposite ascendants, it helps the couple to see
the others point of view and see the world in similar ways.

Demi's Ascendant is trine Bruce's Jupiter which gives
each other
good feelings and that of excitement.  This
celebrity couple also had their Venus squared each other,
Venus trine Jupiter and Venus opposite Jupiter.   So
many Venus aspects speaks of their attraction.  

However they also had (Demi's planets first), Sun square
Venus, Sun conjunct Saturn, Moon square Venus, Moon
conjunct Mars, Moon opposite Saturn, Venus conjunct
Saturn, and Saturn conjunct Moon.  These aspects,
separately and together is overwhelmingly negative.  
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