Astrology of Famous Couples
Drew Barrymore and Tom Green
Drew Barrymore Astrology
Birthday:  February 22, 1975
Culver City, California
11:51 am
Sun Sign: Pisces
Moon Sign: Cancer
Tom Green Astrology
Birthday: July 30, 1971
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
birth time: unknown
Sun Sign: Leo
Moon Sign: Scorpio
Although Tom's birth time is unknown, by rectifying his chart
throughout the day we can be sure that his Moon is in
Scorpio.  This is especially
good as Drew is such a water
person with Sun in Pisces and Moon in Cancer.  

This celebrity couple had a number of nice aspects
between them, notably that of Venus, with both their Venus
in trine and then Jupiter trine Venus twice.  Tom has a natal
T-Square in his chart with Mercury, Saturn and Neptune.   
Unfortunately, this couple made a Cross with Drew's Sun to
Tom's T-Square.  A Cross aspect pattern in relationships
brings a lot of attraction and energy but is also a sign of

Another notable factor in this couples compatibility is that
Drew's Moon makes virtually no aspects to anything in
Tom's Chart.  Drew must be a highly emotional and
sensitive woman with Sun and Moon in water signs. To
have her Moon unaspected showed a lack of real emotional
connections and is not what this Pisces woman needs.
Drew Barrymore Profile
Drew is a Pisces (she also plays a Pisces in her Charlie Angel's remake)
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Tom Green Profile
Confident Leo man
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