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Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt
Birthday: December 18 1963
Shawnee, Oklahoma
6:33 am
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Moon Sign: Capricorn
Gwyneth Paltrow
Birthday: September 28, 1972
Los Angeles, California
5:25 pm
Sun Sign: Libra
Moon Sign: Gemini
     At first glance Brad and Gwyneth seem like a good
couple.  Gwyneth’s Sun in Libra and Moon in Gemini fit
well with Brad’s Sun and Ascendant in Sagittarius.  

However, this celebrity couple had few close aspects
between them, most of them negative.  Brad and
Gwyneth have square Ascendants, meaning they see the
world in very different ways.  It also places many of their
more personal planets in the 10th house - good for their
reputation and careers but not for a relationship.   

Gwyneth’s Venus is opposite Brad’s Saturn, which is a
stifling aspect.  Gwyneth’s Moon is also opposite Brad’s
Sun.  This aspect between the Sun and Moon is often
deceptive in that at first the couple seems to have much
in common and to have a real emotional connection, but
their differences soon become apparent and the Sun
person has a tendency to try and dominate the Moon
person.   This couple also has an extreme element
imbalance.  Brad is fire and earth and Gwyneth is mostly
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