Astrology of Famous Couples
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton
Richard Burton
Birthday:  November 10, 1925
Pontrhydfendigaid, United Kingdom
5:15 am
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Moon Sign: Virgo
Elizabeth Taylor
Birthday:  February 27, 1932
London, England
8:00 pm
Sun Sign: Pisces
Moon Sign: Scorpio
Elizabeth and Richard were married and divorced twice.  
This celebrity couple had few good compatibility aspects
but many aspects of attraction and power.   Elizabeth's Sun
opposite Richards Moon helped them to connect but also
was a source of conflict as the Moon person (Richard) can
feel almost oppressed by the Sun person (Elizabeth).  
Elizabeth Mars was also opposite his Moon, which made it
a very sore point as emotions are much more explosively

They also had several T-Squares together.  That of
Elizabeth's Sun, Mercury and Neptune with Richard's Moon
and Mercury.   The negative aspects Elizabeth formed with
Richard's Moon was only strengthened  by this pattern.   A
very volate T-Square was that of Elizabeth's Venus
conjunct Uranus with Richards Jupiter and both of their
Plutos.  Elizabeth's Venus and Uranus aspect was probably
her source of passion and also famous temper and
reputation with men.   Squared with Jupiter gives it extra fire
and excitement while Pluto gives it power and violence.  
This type of pattern is what I call one of fatal attraction.
Elizabeth Taylor's Chart
Richard Burton's Chart
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Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor
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pisces and scorpio love match
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