Astrology of Famous Couples
Ted Turner
Birthday:  November 19, 1938
Cincinnati, Ohio
8:50 am
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Moon Sign: Libra
Jane Fonda
Birthday:  December 21, 1937
New York, New York
9:14 am
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Moon Sign: Leo
One of the most notable factors in this famous couples
relationship is the amount of relationship aspects, both
good and bad.   Ted and Jane have several positive
aspects, including Sun and Ascendant, Sun and Moon,
Venus and Jupiter and Venus and Ascendant.  All these
aspects tend to be good for relationships and
compatibility but unfortunately, all these good aspects are
only sextiles which is a minor aspect and not very strong.  

Their negative aspects are much stronger. Ted's Sun is
square Jane's Moon; an aspect that gives attraction and
energy to a relationship but will eventually wear on it.  
Ted's Moon is also square Jane's Ascendant another
"wearing aspect".   They also have a very personal
T-Square, with Jane's Moon opposite Mars square Ted's
Sun and Venus.  This aspect pattern gives a lot of
energy, but an aspect of Moon and Mars should be
avoided, especially with another person's identity (Sun) or
Venus as it becomes too violable.
Ted Turners Chart
Jane Fonda Chart
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Ted Turner and Jane Fonda
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sagittarius and scorpio love match
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