Liv Tyler is a Cancer
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Thomas Jefferson was an Aries
Nicole Kidman is a Gemini
Julia Stiles is an Aries
Jack Nicholson is a Taurus
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James Dean was a Aquarius
Jonny Depp is a Gemini
Cathrine Zeta-Jones ia Libra (who shares her husbands (Michael Douglas) birthday
Darwin, Lincoln and FDR were all Aquarius
Elizabeth Taylor is a Pisces
Kiefer Sutherland is a Sagittarius
Countries ruled by Sagittarius are Spain, South Africa and Portugal
Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Leo
Sarah Michelle Geller is a Aries
Richard Burton was a Scorpio
The flower associated with Libra is the Daisy
Pam Anderson is a Cancer
Hugh Grant is a Virgo
Kristen Dunst is a Taurus
Bruce Willis ia Pisces
Jim Carrey is a Capricorn
Leonardo Dicaprio is a Scorpio
Winona Ryder is a Scorpio
Marilyn Monroe was a Gemini
Donald Trump is a Gemini
Countries ruled by Gemini are U.S.A. and Wales
The flower associated with Aquarius is the Orchid
Countries ruled by Libra are Austria and Japan
Carmen Electra is a Taurus
Mariah Carey is a Aries
Taurus rules the gem Emerald
Katharine Hepburn is a Scorpio
Ashely Judd is a Aries
Kevin Costner is a Capricorn
Gemini rules the nervious system
Vincent Van Gogh was an Aries
Countries ruled by Cancer are Scotland and New Zealand
Keanu Reeves is a Virgo
Harrison Ford is a Cancer
Julia Roberts is a Scorpio
Daniel Day Lewis is a Taurus
flowers ruled by Aries are geraniums and honeysuckle
John Travolta is a Aquarius
Both George Washington and Albert Einstein were Pisces
David Letterman is Aries
Courney Cox is a Gemini
Mel Gibson is a Capricorn
Adam Sandler is a Virgo
Jessica Simpson is a Cancer
Russel Crowe is an Aries
JFK was a Gemini
Clint Eastwood is Gemini
Flowers ruled by Taurus are roses and poppies
Countries ruled by Aquarius are Poland and Sweden
Colors associated with Sagittarius are purple and deep blue
Jennifer Lopez is a Leo
Leonardo Da Vinci was an Aries
George Clooney is Taurus
Jennifer Aniston is a Aquarius
Napoleon was a Leo
Sean Connery is a Virgo
Oprah Winfery is a Aquarius
Madonna is a Leo
Colors ruled by Leo are gold, orange and royal purple
Elvis Presley was a Capricorn
Tina Turner is a Sagittarius
Pierce Brosnan is a Taurus
Cities ruled by Libra are Copenhagen and Vienna
Bill Gates is a Scorpio
Countries rule by Taurus are Ireland, Switzerland and Russia
Britney Spears is a Sagittarius
Cities ruled by Scorpio are New Orleans and Liverpool
Cities ruled by Sagittarius are Naples and Toronto
Countries ruled by Aries are England, France, Germany and Poland
The gemstone ruled by Cancer is the Pearl
John Lenon was a Libra
Cities ruled by Gemini are London and San Fransisco
Both Beetoven and Winston Churchill were Sagittarius
Jodie Foster is a Scorpio
Tom Hanks is a Cancer
Stephen King is a Virgo
The color ruled by Aquarius is electric blues
Edgar Allen Poe was a Capricorn
Elizabeth Hurely is a Gemini
Cities ruled by Aries are Naples and Flourence
Tom Cruise is a Cancer
Cities ruled by Cancer are New York, Venice and Amstradam
Picasso was a Scorpio
Capricorn rules the flowers Ivy and Pansy
Kurt Russel is a Pisces
Justin Timberlake is a Aquarius
Uma Thurman is a Taurus
Jimi Hendrix was a Sagittarius
Demi Moore is a Scorpio
Countries ruled by Virgo are Greece and Turkey
Sylvester Stallone is a Cancer
The sign Scorpio has the most symbols: The Scorpion, The Eagle, The Phoenix and many others
Brad Pitt is a Sagittarius
Cities ruled by Aquarius are Moscow and Hamburg
Freud was a Taurus
Angelina Jolie is a Gemini
Elanor Roosevelet was a Libra
Chris Rock is a Aquarius
Countries ruled by Leo are France, Italy, Peru and Romania
Princess Diana was a Cancer
Meg Ryan is a Scorpio
Vincent Van Gogh was an Aries
Antonio Banderas is a Leo
Both Henry VIII and Rembrant were Cancers
Michelangelo was a Pisces
Joan of Arc was a Capricorn
Beyonce is a Virgo
flowers ruled by Aries are geraniums and honeysuckle
Richard Nixon is a Capricorn
Drew Barrymore is a Pisces
Tobey Maguire is a Cancer
Renee Zellweger is a Taurus
Kate Winslet is a Libra
Countries ruled by Capricorn are India, Mexico and Afghanistan
Queen Victoria was a Gemini
Ashton Kutcher is a Aquarius
Ben Affleck is a Leo
Ozzy Osbourne is a Sagittarius
Cameron Diaz is a Virgo
Jennifer Love Hewitt is a Pisces
Cindy Crawford is a Pisces
Cities ruled by Taurus are Dublin, Leipzig and St. Louis
Mozart was an Aquarius
Theodore Roosevelt was a Scorpio
Cities ruled by Capricorn are Oxford, Delphi and Mexico City
Mark Twain was a Sagittarius
Val Kilmer is a Capricorn
Cristina Ricci is a Aquarius
Gwyneth Paltrow is a Libra
Countries ruled by Scorpio are Norway, Syria and Algeria
Orlando Bloom is a Capricorn
Cities ruled by Pisces are Seville and Jerusalem
Kim Basinger is a Sagittarius
Kevin Bacon is a Cancer
Goldie Hawn is a Scorpio
The metal Mercury is ruled by Virgo
Jet Li is a Taurus
Kurk Cobain was a Pisces
Jude Law is a Capricorn
Prince Williams is a Gemini
Mary Queen of Scots was a Sagittarius
Countries ruled by Aries are England, France, Germany and Poland
Both Issac Newton and Ben Franklin were Capricorn
Cities ruled by Leo are Los Angelos, Chicago and Rome
Kate Hudson is an Aries
Countries ruled by Pisces are Portugal and Scandinavia
Martha Stewart is a Leo
Cities ruled by Virgo are Paris and Boston