Your Birthday Really is
a Special Occasion
Sample Birthday Report
with Jennifer Aniston
What is a Birthday Report?
It's a special predictive report that is cast on your birthday
every year.   The Birthday Report explores your "new
year"  that start on every birthday; romance, relationships,
emotions, career and so much more.  The average report
is 30 pages.
Why Birthday Reports?
As an astrologer it is my favorite report, both to read and to
give as gifts.  It's a birthday gift I give every year to friends
and it's always special, unique and new.  The report gives
an over view of the year and then goes into the specifics
like romance, career, ect.  It's also my favorite and best
technique for prediction.
Astrological Details of the Report
Astrologically speaking, this is a Solar Return report.  This is
when the Sun comes back into the position it was at during
birth.   The report explains in detail what a solar return is and
how to best use the report.  It details planets in sign, house and
aspect; within the return chart itself to the natal chart.  
Approximately 30 pages
Price: $14.99
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Birthday Report

"...makes the best birthday presents and are unique every year
Gretchen, New Jersey

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Our Customers Say...
Birthday Report
The Best Birthday Gift

Personal and Unique
It's a one of a kind gift that's
made only for you   

Fun and Predictive
30 pages about you and your
year to come

No Shipping
The report is delivered by
email, in html form and is
easily forwarded or printed off
into a special folder or binder

Keeps on Giving
This is a special kind of report
that is remade every year.  
Making it the perfect present
again and again
Information Needed
We will need to know...
Date of birth - including the place (city and state) and birth time
if it's known.
Current Location - City and State.  Current location is part of
the calculation needed in preparing the report.  This precise
astrological report is sensitive to time and place (both of your
birth and where you are now), making it very accurate.
Birthday Report
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