Wedding Date Report
Your Perfect Day
Why Plan Your Wedding Using Astrology?
Use astrology to ensure that your marriage will be a success.  It's also a great way to
"fix" problems and areas of stress that are inherent in every couples compatibility.   
You can add special requests, such as an emphasis on sex or money.  It can also be
especially useful for couples who have fertility issues.  A strongly fertile wedding
chart can make a real difference.
My techniques for choosing wedding dates
I walk you through the astrological process, step by step
Sample Wedding Date Report
See how your unique Wedding Day Report will look.  All Wedding
Reports will vary by location, time, and number of days found.  
Or explore some of our
Celebrity Wedding articles.   Also see
Planning Your Wedding With Astrology - Tips and Advice"
What is a Wedding Date Report
Electional Astrology at its finest - I will search the transits
(dates) for your best possible wedding and happy mariage.
Report Details
All reports are taylored to your wedding needs.  We offer searches in 3, 6, or 12
months reports.  Every report has at least 3 possible dates for you to choose from.  
I also rank each date given against each other, giving you first, second (ect.)
choice days for you.  The best time period of the day is also listed.  This is the
recommended time for you to actually say your vows.  
Customize Your Report
All reports are tailored to your wedding needs.  If there are restrictions or
exceptions - please let me know.   Many engaged couples request weekends
only or certain times of the day.   Some couples have yet to narrow down the
location of the wedding.  Since location is so particular to astrological
prediction, please let me know this; I can easily search 2 or 3 possible
locations.  You can also request that I search for wedding date charts that add
a special emphasis, such as fertility, financial success, sex, ect.
Information We Will Need From You
You and your partners names and birth information.  Please include
your birthday, birth location (city, state) and birth time if known.
Location(s) of Wedding: city and state
Wedding time frame - when do you want me to start searching?   
Contact Us   
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Wedding Date Report

"Thank you for answering so many of our questions and concerns - your the best"
Marybeth, New York

"Me and Rob FINALLY picked our date, thanks to you.  Wish us luck!"
Sherry, California

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Privacy and Security
We respect your privacy! Information is never shared or sold.
We accept Paypal and are Paypal Verified.
Complete FAQ on Ordering and Services
When you Buy a Report
It takes me time to do these reports.   Please allow up to 7 full days for delivery of
your report.  Report is delivered by email.

During the shopping cart process you will be prompted to give us your birth information.    
We will need you & your partners birth information, the time frame of your wedding and
possible locations.  If you missed giving us BIRTH INFORMATION you can reply to your  
order confirmation email.

Your report is delivered via email.  I interact with you through email answering any questions
or looking into new ideas or locations.
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Wedding Date Report
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